Upcomming big changes to AstroTrainers


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We are glad to announce that we are developing new features and trainers that will provide a better experience and provide a new quality standard in the modding community.
The main new feature that will be deployed across all trainers is a fully integrated LUA engine so 3rd party developers can use our API to create outstanding mods and custom trainer features without having to develop a whole framework for it.

Our team is investing time to develop this new big feature to make sure it works without any issues and to be fully optimized, we also will create a tab in the launcher so people can upload theire own lua scripts for other people to access it very easily,
script developers can also enable then donations to receive contributions from the community for theire hard work.

This will take time and we hope you understand that this takes allot of time to create and to make it perfect, untill then we will keep updating our trainers as standard and providing bug fixes while delivering new trainers.
Everything will be provided on the freeware as the premium version, the premium version will get access to extra API features and other things but that will be announced on release of this update.

We hope you like the new plans that we are heading too and will keep supporting us along the way!

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